Essay about Notes On The World And Me

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For this assignment, I read Coates, Tanehisi. Between the World and Me. New York, NY: Penguin Random House LLC, 2015. Between the World and Me is written as a letter to Coates’ teenaged son. The book was dedicated to his teenaged son who is fifteen years of age during the time Coates wrote the book. Coates goal in writing this book was to explain what it is like being black in America. Coates saw a need to go in depth about the black body in America. Coates’ Between the World and Me is written to encourage his son to live life without fear of the stigmas that have been created by the American society, and to push through any external factors that may come his way.
Coates has three main points that lie under the central argument’s umbrella. Coates’ initial point is about fear. Coates talks about the fear he endured when he was younger and he realized that his fear came from his parents, the people in his neighborhood, and television. His parents, along with other African American parents, used fear as a driving force in the beating of their kids. The fear that was once, solely, between Caucasians and African Americans has now been internalized and manifested amongst African Americans. Coates talks about his family internalizing fear and enforcing that fear in his home. Coates states, “Not being violent enough could cost me my body. Being too violent could cost me my body” (Coates 2015: 28). He saw that the possession or loss of his body began in his home. Coates wrote about…

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