Notes On The Night - Original Writing Essay

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I looked at the piece of paper that Makoto gave to me that night. I still had it, and I know that it was something that I was going to have to face at some point. God, why did life have to be so hard for me? I don’t even know anymore. I started to dial the numbers in a trepid fashion, and I could feel the shake of my fingers as I did this.
Would he even wat anything to do with me if I broke the news to him? I didn’t even know if I should just yet, but then again, it was better to get the secret out in the open than letting it fester. I thought about how to approach this, and then, when I pressed the green button, I heard the dialing sound. After what seemed to be forever, I heard him on the other line.
“Hello?” he asked with a curious sound.
“Hello there, is this Makoto?” I asked with a nervous feeling.
“Yes, this is he. Who is this?” he asked.
Fuck. I don’t know if he remembers me. This wasn’t going to be good.
“Sandra. From the opening night at the hotel,” I simply said.
There was a pause, and then, he immediately spoke.
“Oh wow, Sandra! I didn’t know if you got my message or not. Sorry for not trying to stay longer, I had a meeting that morning,” he said with a chipper voice.
Oh thank god, he wasn’t pissed at me. Of course, that didn’t ease the tension that I was feeling within my body. I still had to break the worst news to him.
“Well yeah, it’s me. I wanted to see if you wanted to possibly see one another. I mean, I am not very good at this whole thing,…

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