Notes On Teaching Adjustment : Teachers Essay

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3) Teaching Adjustment: Teachers can make use of different teaching methods in the classroom, e.g. using charts, pictures, playing videos on projectors, making use of very simple definitions and terms, teaching with locally made instructional materials for teaching. This helps students to relate the teaching to previous knowledge or past experiences.
4) Classwork/Tasks: It is a very good idea for teachers in an inclusive classroom to break up or divide class tasks and activities into smaller tasks that still cover what is in the curriculum.
5) Modifying Questions asked: Questions that are asked in class should be adjusted or modified by the teacher, questions that are quite on the harder side should be directed to students that the teacher are aware of being able to answer them, while the teacher directs the questions in an adjusted manner to students of lower ability.
6) Adjusting speed: the rate or speed of the learning process in the classroom could be adjusted by the teacher, either to be on the slower or faster rate. The teacher only does this adjustment and it will help students according to their ability to learn fast or slow, to be able to achieve learning at the end of the lesson.
b) Process:
1. Reading Mates: Teachers should try their best create more motivation, encouragement and instigate students to practice and have an experience in additional reading outside the classroom, according to what they are interested in. This will assist them to develop fluency,…

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