Essay on Notes on Season of Migration to the North

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It is not a real love; it is only physical desire and a sensual love that lacks sincerity and leads to destruction. So their relationship with him is one of exploitation. What they feel for him is only an emotional obsession and a strong desire for the sexual satisfaction that they lack with their European partners.
For him theirs is a possessive love, exactly like the relation between the colonisers and the occupied land. They exploit it, exhaust it and drain all its resources for their enjoyment.
He marries the fourth one, Jean Morris, after chasing her for three years. She is addicted to his body but she has never treated him as a husband. She never forgot that she was European and he was Black. When he can no longer put up with her
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“Give this to me and you can have me,” she said. If she had asked at that moment for my life as a price I would have paid it. I nodded my head in agreement. Taking up the vase, she smashed it on the ground and began trampling the pieces underfoot. She pointed to a rare Arabic manuscript on the table. “Give me this too,” she said. . . . I nodded my head in agreement. Taking up the old, rare manuscript she tore it to bits, filling her mouth with pieces of paper which she chewed and spit out. It was as though she had chewed at my very liver. And yet I didn’t care. She pointed to a silken Isphahan prayer-rug which I had been given by Mrs. Robinson when I left Cairo. It was the most valuable thing I owned, the thing I treasured the most. “Give me this too and then you can have me,” she said. . . . Taking up the prayer-rug, she threw it on the fire and stood watching gloatingly as it was consumed. . . . Suddenly I felt a violent jab from her knees between my thighs. When I regained consciousness I found she had disappeared. (156–57)
The destruction of the vase, the rare manuscript, and the beloved prayer-rug signifies Jean’s attempt to annihilate Sa’eed’s carefully constructed eastern personae. The strange things is that
Sa’eed allows her to do this, and even seems to welcome his own destruction. Waïl Hassan notes that: “What draws Jean to Mustafa is the same thing that draws Mustafa to English

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