Notes On ' No If He Was Struck By Lightning He Doesn 't Change ``

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“No. If he was struck by lightning he wouldn’t change. He has no conscience so why would he change? The situation works well for him.”
“I think I might know the same weird-o. What’s his name?”
“I told you I don’t know his name or any details about him.”
Molly looks at her watch. “Sorry but I really have to go.”
“Why do you have to go? I hope I haven’t been boring you with this talk about my son and ex-wife.”
“No, that’s not the problem, I just haven’t been feeling well today. I probably should have picked a different day to meet you when I felt better. I’m really sorry, maybe we can meet another day.”
“Normally, I would take someone else’s leaving early as an insult, but because I really like you, I am going to trust that you are being honest with me.” Molly gets up to go, and Chuck give her his phone number. They give their good-byes and she walks out the door. She has no intention of calling him again because he didn’t seem one bit interested in her life, and all he did was complain about other people. But when she arrived home, she couldn’t stop thinking about their conversation. She thought, “This is ridiculous, how could his son be Tanner, the guy lives in Europe.” Then she pauses and says out loud, “But what if George is lying about his location?” She tried to get the similarity of George’s story and Chuck’s story out of her mind, but she couldn’t stop obsessing over it. She knew she had to call him. The next day she did just that, “Hi Chuck. This is Molly.”…

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