Notes on Monarchy Essay

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| Renaissance | Reformation | Exploration | Absolute Monarchs | Renaissance | - Emphasis, causes, effects, specifics (Art: painting, sculpture, architecture, literature) Patrons | Gutenberg's printing press = Renaissance ideas spread... Religion = Art Pope wanted to make a new dome for sistine chapel. Michelangelo was asked to paint it. the pope needed $ to build so he sold indulgences. Luther was against this... Church art frequently featured holy figures, Protestants (iconoclasts) didn't like this... Church leaders were frequently patrons of artists | Renaissance ideas = shipbuilding, techniques, astrolabe, compass...Humanism = human accomplishments of exploration... Printing press helped circulate news of Columbus's travel | …show more content…
The desire to grow rich and spread chritianity, coupled with advances in sailing technology, spurred an age of European exploration. | - Emphasis, causes, effects, specifics (Science, technology, government) | Ab Mons funded explorations (e.g. Elizabeth, Isabella and Ferdinand funded Columbus) | Absolute Monarchs | Legitimacy supported by Machiavelli's ideas... Elizabeth patroned Shakespeare | Charles V & Luther = Edict of Worms...Henry VIII defended 7 sacraments against Luther... Phillip II sent Spanish Armada to invade England's Protestanism... Edict of Nantes granted religious tolerance (Henry IV).. Mary burned hundreds of protestants at the stake | Ab Mons funded explorations (e.g. Elizabeth, Isabella and Ferdinand funded Columbus) | -Emphasis, causes, effects, specifics (Government). Made Europe more industrialized |

Specific people/places/events | Renaissance | Reformation | Exploration | Absolute Monarchs | Henry VIII | Thomas More - Utopia | Created new Protestant Church = Anglican | | Killed people who disagreed w/ him. Became leader of Church of England. | Florence | in Italy, so had a strong Roman influence... the medicis(humanism = powerful through acheivement) | | | Had a dictatorship of sorts under the Medicis | Treaty of Tordesillas | | | Split New World (S. America) Spain owned West, Portugal East | controlled all that land by one

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