Notes On Memory And Memory Loss Essay

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Opinion Paper 2: Memory
P.F Skinner was influential in many areas of psychology but some of his most interesting work came from his study on memory and memory loss in adults and children. These studies are some of my favorite because they are so applicable to everyone’s life. Through researching and understanding memory loss we as students are more capable of preventing memory loss and improving memory skills. A skill that could come in handy for college students and their studies. In the movie Benjamin Button he starts to experience memory loss towards the end of the movie (end of his life) and we were able to see the affect it had on him and his family.
Memory skills and development are assessed through different tests. In these tests, participants are asked to perform a wide variety of tasks in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each individual’s memory and development compared to the population’s averages. A few of these include time tasks, unfamiliar content, artificial tasks, and unexercised skills, recall verses recognition, and explicit memory tasks. All of these tasks show the same results when comparing young adults to older adults. The older adults test results show they are slower at learning and retrieving information than young adults. The tests also show that adults have a harder time learning information that they aren’t familiar with when compared to young adults. I found this very interesting because this means that young adult college…

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