Notes On Management And Leadership Development Essay

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Chapter 14 - Management and Leadership Development

The importance of effective management is an area that most organization seem to struggle with in today’s workforce. Each organization needs to make sure to incorporate the value of personal development for all managers, allowing them to be equipped and prepared to manage as well as to take on leadership roles. Knowing how to lead and motivate employees through their workplace is a crucial part of the larger scope of management and leadership development. It’s paramount to recognises that leadership and management skills are not exclusive of each other. Leadership is especially important in senior management positions, whereas each level of management can range from senior, middle and junior managers. By effectively planning and controlling your organization’s human capital and processes for which they are responsible, managers can provide a positive and professional environment. Each level of management requires appropriate skills and abilities; when we first look at the senior level managers, their responsible for setting the strategies and objectives in order to lead and inspire others. The middle manager 's main skills and abilities are to lead their team in order to deliver the specific objective that was set from upper management. To become an effective manager, an individual should show specific qualities and competencies, these cover both leadership and management skills.
When we look at the research that…

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