Notes On ' I Get Out Happy Virus ' Essay

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[CONTENTID1]Get Out Happy Virus[/CONTENTID1]
Jooyoung walked into class with a frown. Her classmates completely ignored her presence. When she sat down she sighed and leaned back in her seat, crossing her arms.

"Oh my god did you hear?!"


"Chanyeol is going to be in our class this year!!"


Girls were freaking out and fixing their makeup and hair.

Jooyoung groaned.

Chanyeol? As in Park Chanyeol? Those types of guys are the ones I hate the most. He 's always happy and it’s annoying.

The door burst open.

"Good morning everyone!!"

"Good morning Chanyeol~" everyone greeted in unison.

Jooyoung clicked her tongue.

"Can I sit here?"

She glared at the person talking to her. She noticed the whole class was staring at them in shock because the one that asked was none other than Park Chanyeol.

"Oh my god why would he want to sit next to that bitch?"

Jooyoung looked at the seat he was pointing at. She stood up, "Go ahead" and she moved to a different seat. Chanyeol 's jaw dropped in shock. She rolled her eyes.

There is no way I 'm sitting next to that virus. It 's already bad enough that I have to be in his class.

The teacher came in and class started.

Chanyeol turned to the boy next to him, "Hey Minseok, who is that pretty girl?"

Minseok turned his head to the girl he was pointing at "Oh that 's Jooyoung"

"Jooyoung" he repeated and nodded.

"You shouldn 't get involved with her though" he warned.…

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