Notes On Human Resource Management Essay

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Name – Amanpreet singh gill
Student id- ND 15271 Subject- Human Resource Management Unit standard - 19022

(a) Organizational structure describes the ways a company arranges people and jobs to complete its goals. It is a need of the business. Here chairman is the need of the business. Managing director manage all the departments like human resource management and staff. There are three departments like Business, IT and IELTS, Which under the academic department. Administrative manager manage the office staff and student service management. Account department managing the Account staff of NZAB (b) Now staff is less than previous one. Now we have main objectives. There are many changes in the structure made by HRM. Managing director look over HRM. Current structure has 3 staff members in the finance department. On the other hand in the optimal structure there are only 2 staff member in the finance department of NZAB.

(C) Managing director
• Managing director is responsible for overseeing the activities of a specific department.
• Providing training and guidance to other manager and staff member.
• Creating, revising and reviewing schedules for various departments
• Working closely with the assistant director on many projects.
(ii). Academic director
• Leadership and management.

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