Essay on Notes On Fundamentals Of Banking

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BNK201 Fundamentals of Banking. Fundamentals of Banking is a course that provides students with broad overview of the main products and services of a full-service bank as well as the activities typically performed on a day to day basis. The course enables students to gain an understanding of the key decisions made by a full service bank. This course provides students with an overview of history, purpose, and functions of banking. The course focuses on how banks, businesses, and government in today’s competitive environment. (NECB) Topics will include introduction e evolution of banking, the federal reserve as the central bank of the US, deposits, negotiable instruments/payments, customer service and sales, non-traditional bank products and services, lending, bank investments, and profitability management, safe guarding customer assets. I believe the knowledge I gained from the extensive training and experience I received during my career development and school classes, reading, debates and research in financial institurions is comparable with to the subject matter covered in BNK201. Through my many years working in a financial institution and many deferent positions a got to experienced I have become familiar with a lot of aspect of the banking system, the nature of it, the history of banking. I’ve learned that there are different types of banks commercial/retail banks and investments banks and the different functions of both. I’ve learned that most countries, the…

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