Notes On Data Analysis Process Essay

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3.12: Data Analysis process
Overall, the objective of the research analysis is to try to answer the research questions formulated in Chapter 1. Accordingly, a conceptual framework and propositions have been developed from these questions, and justified in the literature review section. Therefore, the data analysis will be pursued to gather evidence pertaining to the several concepts identified. Quantitative data from the questiormaire survey will be analyzed by utilizing the Statistical Package for Social Science version 22 (SPSS V.22) and SmartPLS v.3. These software packages have been widely used by researchers in various disciplines. Below are the steps that will be followed in the data analysis process.

3.12.1: Analysis of Survey response
The first step will be to determine the number of respondents who did or didn’t respond the survey. This will be analyzed using descriptive statistics such as percentages, mean values and standard deviations. A Table showing the descriptive statistics of the respondents and non-respondents will be presented
3.12.2: Analysis of Missing Data Missing data refers to absence of information on a subject or case for which other information is available due to respondent not answering a question(s) (Hair et al., 2006)
Missing data of between 5% -10% of the total data is acceptable for data analysis (Cohen, 2007; Klin, 2005; Olinsky et al, 2003).This study will adopt steps recommended by Byrne (2001) in dealing with incomplete data which…

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