Notes On Bill And Marge Barrel Essay

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Bill and Marge Barrel were very young when they met and began dating. They were 20, and 17 respectively. After only six months of dating they knew that it was true love and decided to get married. Once married, they settled down in Bardstown, Kentucky and opened a bourbon distillery. The company was named Barrel Bourbon. In 1957, Marge discovered that she was pregnant with their first child Jim, who is now the General Manager of Production. Two years later in 1959, Woodford Barrel was born and currently hold the position of Director of Sales. In 1964 Bill was ecstatic when he learned that Marge was pregnant with their daughter Rose. As Rose grew up, Bill always knew that she would take over the business when he stepped down and gave her the role of Chief Financial Officer until that time came.

In May 2015, tragedy had struck the Barrel family. Marge Barrel, the matriarch of the family, had suddenly passed away. Bill “Pappy” Barrel, her husband, was grief stricken for months. After the months of grieving Bill decided that it was going to be too painful to go back to the company that he had shared with his wife for so long. Bill called three children and the other members of the board together to inform them of his decision. During this meeting he was stepping down at the end of the month and that he would like for Rose to take over the business. Rose quickly accepted the offer. Jim and Woodford were livid, but respected their father’s decision.

During the transition…

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