Essay on Notes On An Incident That Changed My Life

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Portfolio reviewers Over the course or English 1100 I have been assigned four papers. The First paper was a Narrative Paper of an incident that changed my life. The second was an informative paper written as a newspaper article on one of ECU’s many clubs. The third article was an Analysis paper that focused on a short story out of the “T.C. Boyle Stories” book. The final paper I wrote was an exploratory paper on a subject from one of my last three papers. After writing these papers I have improved as a writer greatly but I still believe that I can improve.
As I stated earlier the first paper I wrote was a narrative paper on an incident that changed my life. The most life changing moment in my life was when I suffered a career ending knee injury while playing football. As I wrote this I tried to pack it with as much detail as I possibly could so the reader would feel like the were experiencing the few minuets I described just like I did. There were several times in this story when I changed the story to make I more artistic. In the story I talked about a frigid wind whistling through the face masks of the players creating an ominous hum. There was frigid harsh wind that night but it did not create “an ominous hum” in the facemasks of the players. Another Detail that I added in the sake of making it a better paper was the two time a chill that ran down my spine. I described the chill as an eerie warning to make the reader wonder what the warning was for. I Added…

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