Notes On Acids And Bases Essay

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Acids and Bases

All substances have properties like color, smell, density, etc. (Carboni…). But substances also have a property of being either acidic or basic. A substance is determined to be an acid or a base based on its pH level. Both acids and bases undergo a process known as dissociation. Dissociation is the freeing of ions. Substances that free hydroxide ions are bases, and substances that free hydrogen ions are acids, but only when they are mixed with water. Acids are rich and plentiful in hydrogen ions. However, bases are low in hydrogen ions. Sometimes, there are strong acids that have a higher concentration of ions than other acidic substances, and the same goes for bases. At other times though, there are acids and bases that are weaker and have lower concentration of ions (Carboni…). pH

PH is the amount of hydrogen ion concentration in a substance. It is known as pH because it stands for “power of hydrogen” (pH as…). There is a pH scale that represents the pH level of a substance that has values of 1 to 14. The value 1 is the most acidic, and the closer the pH value is to 1 there is more acidity present. The value 14 is the most alkaline, and the farther away the value is from 1 and closer to 14 the pH level is more alkaline. Alkaline is a term similar to ‘basic’ or ‘base’, which means it’s any solution above 7 on the pH scale. 7 is the neutral point on the scale because 7 is directly in the middle of the values 1 to 14. Unlike most scales,…

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