Notes On A Marriage By Paul Dooley And Winnie Holzman Play Post

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Paul Dooley and Winnie Holzman play Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage), successfully tells an amazing love story of two young people who are newly married who use post-it notes as a unique mean of communication for one another. In today’s society, it seems like we sometimes have no time for conversations with a lack of communication between people. The couple’s life goes through the early stages of a relationship, to having a child, to a downhill side of their relationship, and eventually it goes on until one of the two passes away.
The notes vary throughout their lives such as task that need to be completed throughout the day. One note the couple frequently leave each other is needing more milk, “We need milk.” (1333; act 1 scene 1). Another frequent note is one not wanting to wake the other as they leave early for work, “Had an early meeting, couldn’t bear to wake you. Close front door hard or it won’t lock. PS: Last night was incredible” (1332; act 1 scene 1). By leaving these post-its notes, the couple manage to find an effective way to say what they need to one another, and even though things get rough and they argue, they find their strength and love one another.
Normally, in a newlywed marriage the couple discuss their lives, work, or any problems thrown their way to each other daily. Although the characters are newly married, and in the early stages of their lives together, they show a shocking lack of communication towards one another. The unnamed couple in the play…

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