Essay about Notes Of A Native Son

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“Notes of a Native Son” is an autobiographical writing written by American contemporary black writer James Baldwin. At the first time I read “ Notes of Native Son”, the title catch my attention. In my opinion, “Son” only means male child. But Baldwin describes something more meaningful in his essay. In Baldwin’s mind, African Americans should be free and equal native son of American just like the white. He uses the word “son” to reflect to his family, his father and the whole society. In Notes of a Native Son, James Baldwin adheres the parameters and goals of The Hero’s Mythic Journey, which was written by Joseph Campbell. According to Campbell ‘s ideas, there are twelve stages of the hero journey, which can also be divided into three parts—ordinary world, special world and retuning to ordinary world. Same to the hero journey, death and birth were described as a circle in Baldwin’s essay because he wants to adhere the parameters and goals of The Hero’s Mythic Journey. The theme of death and birth works in the entry essay. In Baldwin’s essay, birth and death are always connected together. As a black American, Baldwin wants to emphasize that bittiness and hatred are transmitted by generation to generation. Leaving home to New Jersey, Baldwin was experiencing the stage from ordinary world to special world. After a dangerous event of that last night in New Jersey, Baldwin came back to home with a different attitude to the world. He finished the last stage of the hero…

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