Notes Of A Native Son By James Baldwin Essay

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“Notes of a Native Son” is a nonfiction essay written by James Baldwin. The essay is about how Baldwin felt about his father and how he felt after his father had passed. Baldwin also realizes and comes to terms with many things during that time period. Racism is also one of Baldwin’s principal themes and uses it in many of his essays. Rebecca Skloot similarly wrote about a woman from near that time period. Skloot wrote an excerpt titled “The Miracle Woman”, the woman’s name in this essay was Henrietta Lacks whose cells would go on to live much longer than she did. Henrietta was a strong willed woman who had many children and knew when things weren’t right, so when she felt something was wrong with her uterus she went to the hospital and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. During Henrietta’s surgery a doctor took a slab of her uterus and grew her cells in a laboratory which became one of the most important cures and tools in medicine. “Notes of a Native Son” and “The Miracle Woman” both address racial inequality and African Americans segregation in the Jim Crow era; however, because of how Baldwin describes his life and what he went through, “Notes of a Native Son” more so reveals the greater issue of segregation.
In “Notes of a Native Son”, imagery was one the most prominent literary devices to me. One of the first uses of imagery, is when Baldwin is describing his father. “But he looked to me, as I grew older, like pictures I had seen of African tribal chieftains: he really…

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