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HPES 108 - Introduction
- Golf is a game in which a ball is struck with a club from: o A prepared area, known as the “teeing ground.”
- Two forms of play o Match play: which is decided by holes won and lost o Stroke play: which is decided the total number of strokes taken to complete the game decide.
- To do what is fair you need to know the rules.
- Rules o The Basics
• Golfers use wood and metal clubs to hit a gold ball into the “cup” on each of eighteen different holes on a gold course
• Each swing a golfer takes at the ball is called a “stroke,” and counts toward his or her total score.
• The number of strokes a player takes through an entire “round.” o What’s needed?
• A set of clubs (usually fourteen, consisting of three woods, ten irons, and one putter).
• A golf bag
• Golf balls
• Golf tees
• Golf shoes
• Golf course score card
• Golf glove is optional, but effective o How Long Is A Game?
• There is no set time limit for a golf game. Roughly 3-4 hours.
• Gold is played on an 18 hole courses as either stroke play, in which the lowest total score wins. o Keeping Score
• Play begins on each hole from the “tee box.”
• Players try to “drive” the ball onto the “fairway,”
• Then hit an “approach” shot onto the “green,”
• Then putt the ball into the “cup.”
• Along the way from tee to green, different “hazards” exist to increase the difficulty of a hole
• A “par” system, determined by the length of each individual hole, grades the overall difficulty of an entire course.…

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