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Sample Case Analysis (Case 10.1)
First read the case carefully. In this instance Cregg Hart is interested in knowing if the rivet diameter from a potential new supplier is the same as the diameter from their existing supplier. This lends itself naturally to do a confidence interval or suitable confidence level, say 95% or do a hypothesis test assuming the mean diameters from the two suppliers are the same.
Next open the Excel file which you can download from CANVAS Excel files and into your computer completely free of charge and run with it.
What should result from assignment is as follows:
Please Note: students in face-to-face classes should turn in a hard copy with a staple on eth top left corner. Students in the online
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Your case analysis does not have to be 100% correct to earn full points, but it needs to follow the format given at the end of this syllabus and it needs to show that you genuinely tried to solve the issue at hand.
All cases assigned in the schedule are at the end of chapter exercises.

On Page 8 it says:
Sections 10.1
Case 10.1 Motive Power Company – Part I due Sept 11.
Please note: All cases are at the end of associated chapters in the text book.
For the cases you are graded more for following the prescribed format than for the correctness of the solution. Please see below “Recommended Format for Case Analysis and Write-up guidelines” for maximizing your case points.

On Page 16 it says:
Recommended Format for Case Analysis and Write-up guidelines:
(You can have up to four classmates work together on cases and capstone project)

Cases are assigned in this class to better bring home the understanding of the subject material.
These cases are open ended situations – often they don’t ask you to do specifically anything. You are to use the material learned in the chapter and perform analysis and suggest recommendations.
Up to four students can work on the case analysis together. You are to submit only one copy of the case write-up with the names of the collaborators on the cover page. Your case analysis write-up should be single space and needs to include the following:
1. Cover Page: Your name(s), class name & period,

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