Not Too Much Separation? Essay examples

980 Words Jan 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Victor Siu
Ms. Taylor
English 4U1
16 December 2014

Not too much separation

People have always wanted to be part of an “ideal” society. It is however hard to create said ideal society. If an equilibrium between men and women must be achieved all while retaining a clear separation between the proletariat and bourgeoisie classes. A balance between men and women allows for anyone to take on work opportunities. The more successful bourgeoisie classes keep the working class in peak performance. As such, these factions are important in a society to function in an orderly fashion. There is no physical reasons which prevent men or women from doing a particular task, as such, there is no reason to allow a separation between roles. In Albee’s play, “Daddy” is shown to be the working one, going out to work on a daily basis. While “Mommy” is portrayed as the housewife: doing groceries, shopping and household work. These society-created expectations for both genders should not exist. They serve no other purpose other than to limit what women and men can do because of the constant pressure from society’s expectations. These gender roles are created by society from that they expect from each gender. Women are capable of taking on the daily responsibilities of a man such as getting employed at jobs typically associated with men. That isn’t the only negative effects of a society with divided roles. Society’s creation of these gender roles also create…

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