Not Just Tell The Reader Of Their Past By Jimmy Santiago Baca

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In both "To live in the Borderlands means you. . .", by Gloria Anzaldua, and "Crying poem" by Jimmy Santiago Baca the authors use various unique stylistic techniques and figures of speech to not just tell the reader of their past, but to paint a picture of the circumstances they faced when growing and how they have affected them. In "Crying Poem", Baca uses the structure of his poem and various stylistic techniques to reflect the frustration and internal conflict he has faced having to "grow up"way too young and falling for the false stereotype of real men. In "To live in the Borderlands means you. . .", Anzaldua incorporates various languages and lists of names to show the confusion and complications she has faced being caught in the middle of two cultures.

Jimmy Santiago Baca is a New Mexico born American, but it is the harsh circumstances he was faced with as a young child that molded the image he depicts through the structure and style of his work, "Crying Poem". Baca was abandoned by his parents and forced to grow up long before a child should. He was raised by his grandmother, put in an orphanage, and then ran away at the young age of 13. This chaotic upbringing had drastic consequences his ideas of a man and his personality. His forced self reliance and the social stereotype of grown men robbed Baca of his care free childhood years with nothing to cling to but his fathers voice telling him to hide his emotions "because men don 't cry" (Baca 15). It is this…

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