Not Just A Paycheck Essay

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In the video “Not Just A Paycheck,” the video talks about the connection between unemployment and higher rates of health issues. Some of these health problems include; stroke, alcohol abuse, heart and kidney disease, suicide and homicide. Moreover, the video talks about how the closing of a manufacturing plant in Greenville, resulted in a rise in the number of health issue caseloads within local hospitals. In addition, professor Harvey Brenner predicts that there will be a rise in deaths due to the rise in unemployment, and the shutdown of Electrolux in Greenville. Furthermore, more and more people are suffering from unemployment with their health because of all the stress hormones it is building up inside of them. The stresses of unemployment are associated with changes in the way our psycho-physiological system functions, which results in different health problems. These changes to the psycho-physiological system create higher stress response levels that lead to acute and chronic health problems because of the different ways people adapt and respond to stress. Further, the way people adapt and respond to stress, sometimes makes them indulge in very unhealthy habits like; drinking, smoking, binge eating, etc. Furthermore, these unhealthy habits can result in metabolic biochemical disturbances within the body that can trigger increases in inflammation, blood pressure, and blood sugars. All of which are factors for increased risks for disease.…

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