Not Encouraging The Development Of Personal Leadership Essay

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Not Encouraging the Development of Personal Leadership

Many organizations go about leadership development without performing a thorough review as to if the development plans align with the business strategy. As a result various individuals may be enrolled in different types of programs for leadership development but the outcome from these programs may not be suitable for the type of leadership required by the organization. For example an individual may be enrolled in a leadership development program which is more geared to his or her own personal goal and promote a “Laissez-faire type of leader who offers little direction to the employees and may be indifferent to their needs” (Sadeghi & Lope Pihie, 2012). Instead of Laissez-faire type of leader what the organization more likely needs is a Transformational type of leader.

The organization which are not guiding and taking a more active role in the development of leaders may find leadership effectiveness to be an issue. Organizations which find that ineffective leaders are being developed will notice a clear negative affect on its future. “Leadership effectiveness is crucial to success in any organization. It closely depends on outcomes and consequences of the leaders activities for followers and the organization” (Sadeghi & Lope Pihie, 2012). Many organizations find that the leadership in place is actually causing negative issues to develop in the workplace. “Leaders who are in position of power but use an authoritarian…

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