Essay on Not Being Prepared Can Make Or Break You

1230 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
Not Being Prepared Can Make or Break You Sitting in a classroom at Benton Harbor High School was one of the best dreams a high school student could dream of. Coming to school every day being able to wonder in the halls and surfing the web on your cell phone in class is pretty relaxing right? Not having to do work daily and just basically dong what you want to do. See, I thought I’ve worked hard enough freshman through junior year. Senior year is supposed to be the year you have fun and I had enough credits to graduate already. As a high school graduate entering college I noticed I wasn’t prepared because of all the time I had wasted during my senior year of high school. Distractions was a big problem for me in high school because my high school didn’t really care about our education they just wanted to move us to the next grade. Distractions included focusing on class clowns, skipping classes and not coming prepared for class. My teachers was way too laid back and didn’t tell students about what we were getting ourselves into. Another problem is how high schools have poor teaching. Schools sometimes are so desperate to have teachers they hire uneducated ones and I understand because if the government found out high schools didn’t have enough teachers they would shut the school down. Or even force the school to be under state regulations. There were times I had to sit in the lunch room because of not having enough teachers or substitutes not showing. This…

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