Essay on Not Being On My Parent 's Situation

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Not being in my parent’s situation I cannot fully understand the way in which either one was feeling, it would not be my place to decipher whether their feelings were justifiable or not. As well as I can not say if the circumstances that prevailed were handled to the best of their abilities. Like most individuals, holding on to certain feelings for a person, which we once thought could be the epitome of what society says is our soulmate. It is a justifiable means to the healing process to contain feelings of resentment, remorse, disgruntlement and discontentment for the pathway the relationship ending up taking. It is almost human nature to seek happiness and contentment, we avoid being hurt at all cost. Relationships are meant to be enjoyed and not harm the person we are in relations with, in the sense we should not have to change or keep things from our romantic partner in order to please them. My mother began to struggle with the idea that my father’s side of the family was slipping through her fingers. My mother was relatively close to my aunt, my father’s sister, due to them being friends before my parents began dating. As well as all of my cousins from his side of the family, growing up for all of them, she was the aunt to go to. She was always available to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, and she was back you up no matter what situation you got yourself into. She had created somewhat of an unbreakable bond within that side of the family, and with in such a…

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