Essay on Not Alone

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Not alone
Lucy and Emily have always been very close and each other’s best friends. That is quite typical of twins. Either they cannot live without each other or they can be as different as night and day. Lucy and Emily have always been the first. Even at the age of 24 they still lived together. They have rented a small roof apartment in an old post office from an old lady who had to move to a mental hospital after living alone for to long.
It was the only tall building in the town so they had a great view over the sea.
Tonight was like every other night. They made dinner, mainly pasta, and ate it in front of the TV and sat there until they fell asleep. They did not have a lot of friends nor family.
An hour after midnight, Emily woke
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Lucy placed Emily in the couch, with a blanket and an Ipod, to distract Emily from the storm and calm her down.
Lucy was not that easy to scare, but she still had trouble finding a reasonable explanation to what was going on.
When Lucy entered the hall a moist, cold smell hit her. She shivered by the thought of the dark wet cellar. She took a deep breath, turned on the flashlight and hurried down the stairs. She did not get very far. After a few steps, Lucy hid the surface of water. It came as quite a surprise for her, so she stumbled over one’s one feet.
In the meantime had Emily fallen asleep on the couch with the music on. She suddenly woke up by the sound of the TV scratching. The sound was on the highest and gave Emily a big shock. She tried turning of the sound but the remote control did not work. She had to leave the loud scratching on and yelled for her sister. There was no answer. Emily tried again. Still no answer.
It was still pitch-dark outside and the candlelight was burned out a long time ago. The only light in the room was from the TV’s white scratching. It gave no sense, that the TV was working when the light and all others electrics did not.
Emily was confused, scared and lost without her sister. But she refused to cry. She had to be strong. She knew that she had to find Lucy. Emily went out in the hall. She saw the flashlight floating around a few meters from her. Emily shouted as loud as she could for Lucy. There was

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