`` Not A Very Hosseini, By Tori Deangelis Essay

1318 Words Nov 1st, 2016 6 Pages
There is an obvious divide between everyone on earth. Whether it be race, ethnicity, sexuality, politics, or anything else, everyone has their unique perspective on life. With all these differing viewpoints, there’s bound to be conflict of thought. But nowadays there seem to be many who try hard to get everyone on the same wavelength of thought. The “politically correct” try hard to be righteous and to make every demographic feel safe in this world. Writer Jonathan Chait in “Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say” challenges the politically correct culture and strikes questions about the way they go through with things. In “Unmasking 'racial microaggressions’,” another writer, Tori DeAngelis wrote an article describes racial microaggressions, the type of racism that occurs where the perpetrator doesn’t realize he’s been racist. According to many in this culture, the solution to microaggressions and any other discrimination would be political correctness and eliminating any harmful thoughts in ordinary conversation. Sometimes these ideas could restrict the exchange of other, possibly radical, ideas, as they have to be filtered based on what society deems acceptable, always causing a person to think twice about what they say. The potential to offend someone or accidently say a harmful idea could lead to actual repercussions, including damaging reputations or even the loss of a job. The idea of political correctness and microaggressions stagnates free thought and curiosity, and…

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