Not A Dry Campus Affects Residential Life Essay

1425 Words Oct 27th, 2016 6 Pages
Some like it, many hate it, but one thing has remained a constant at UAFS since it opened its doors in 1928, which is its status as a “dry” campus. A dry campus simply means that the possession and/or consumption of alcohol is prohibited on campus grounds, regardless of age. Some argue that having a dry campus that many students are being put at risk because of the University policies that urge students to leave campus when it comes to drinking. It has been said that Universities that choose to remain dry are risking the lives of the leaders of tomorrow for better statistics today. While this may seem excessive and a bit of an overreaction at first, there are statistics on this subject suggest otherwise. I spoke with University Officials, students, and campus housing staff to see what they thought about this issue. I met with Ricky Harris, Resident Director of the Lion’s Den residence halls to hear his take on how having a dry campus affects residential life, “We know the effect alcohol can have on freshman who haven’t been introduced to it in a prior setting” Harris said. “It can have very negative effects their academics as well as other aspects of their college experience.” This reasoning is very common among supporters of having a dry campus, with concern for student well being and safety considered to be a high priority at any university. As this logic is fairly straightforward in regards to students under 21, making the case for the dry campus to students over 21 is…

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