Northern Airlines Persuasive Speech

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New York, JFK Airport, gate B8. A Boeing 777 is pulling away from the gate and heading towards Runway 22L. It’s soon going to take off for Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Today, the plane is using a replacement flight management software after the usual software was sent in for repair. The replacement software, manufactured by the Intel Corporation, is the same type the company inserts into Nobis, a tablet computer.
“Welcome aboard Northern Airlines, this is your captain Mike Anderson speaking, and from all of us at Northern Airlines, we hope you have a good flight,” says captain Mike Anderson over the intercom.
The pilots finish their checklists and wait for takeoff clearance.
“Northern 111, cleared for takeoff, Runway 22L,” the air
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“Everything is fine.” answers the hijacker into the headset. “How about the hijacker?” replies a nearby plane. “He’s gone, we are continuing on to Paris.” responds the hijacker. “Ok, I will relay that to air traffic control. Also, change your transponder back to 1000.” replies the nearby plane. The hijacker changes the reading on the transponder back to 1000. “Faster, faster. I have to show that I’m not an utter failure,” mutters the hijacker to himself. The flight is still 6 hours from landing at any airport. The hijacker checks to make sure the door is securely locked and lies down to sleep He wakes up 5 hours later from his slumber and checks on the Flight Management System. “Processing, 85% complete,” says the screen on the system. “WHAT!!! HOW DO PILOTS COPE WITH THESE COMPUTERS??? THESE ARE SO SLOW!” screams the hijacker. The hijacker grabs the fire axe and raises it up to smash down on an object. “THIS DAMN COMPUTER!” yells the hijacker as he hits the Flight Management System with the axe. He uses the axe to deliver several more blow to the Flight Management System. He then throws the axe off to the side and takes a glance at the Flight Management …show more content…
The hijacker ignores the question and throws off the headset. He turns off the autopilot and steps hard on the rudder pedals to turn the plane so it faces the general direction of the Eiffel Tower.
“Processing, 98%” reads the cracked screen of the Flight Management System.
The hijacker realizes the Flight Management system is at 98%, and quickly turns the autopilot back on. The plane takes a hard jerk to the left and lines itself up with the runway within 4 minutes. The autoland system starts to kick in. The plane is descending at 1000ft per minute. The plane is less than a minutes from the airport and 250 feet above the ground. In the cabin, a flight attendant is heard yelling for the passengers to brace for impact.
“100%, complete” displays the Flight Management System.
The engines start to rev up, but it’s too little too late. The plane flops onto the runway and bursts into the flames as the fuselage breaks into pieces. The cockpit section starts tumbling off the runway, and rests on the grass next to the runway.
In the cabin, the flight attendants yell for the passengers to evacuate. The smoke is building up rapidly. It is nearly impossible for anyone to see anything in front of

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