Northeast Data Company Essay

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A human resources case study about the issues that must be addressed with regards to the personnel retrenchment of a national data processing company


Northeast Data Resources Inc. (NDR) has been in a tumultuous situation as the business future projections have faltered. There have been a significant decline in the sales and revenues of the company and the various options available for recovery always came back to the drastic cuts in personnel and the employment of marketing personnel to gain an increase in sales.

Point of View

George Wellington in this case being NDR’s Director for Personnel was given the responsibility of creating a plan for the proposed lay-off and retention of the 100 production and
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The personnel for instance, who works six times a week may work for just three and the rest of it will be allotted to other personnel who didn’t get to work for the rest of the three days. The work hours will be strategically scheduled to make the reduction of work hours beneficial both for the employee and the organization. The downside is that if this personnel gets paid a daily wage, the financial stability will be at stake.

Job sharing. Two employees will be sharing the same tasks in a work unit. This creates accountability among the participating employees in addition to keeping both valued personnel. Problems may arise however if a conflict begins to blow up.

Buyouts. Non-critical employees may be offered buyouts in terms of monetary sum or packages. This may be applied to the workers in the production department and the various units as well which may deem not very critical to the operations. The downside is that if a huge number of employees agree to it and thus lay-off would be better to implement.

Retraining. Instead of hiring outsiders to fill the marketing team for the company, Wellington may review the employees’ database to screen possible applicants for the position in the team. This may help reduce the number of employees to be retrenched as the necessity calls for.

Early retirement. Early-retirement programs have mushroomed during the1990s, showing up at some of the best-known names in corporate North America including Polaroid,

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