Essay on North Korea And South Korea

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The official name of South Korea is Republic of Korea. They have named this country us because when they were under the Japanese rule they tried to conqueror both North and South Korea. Another reason why they are the Republic of Korea is because there type of government is Republic .South Korea had to fight for their impendence and have an official name. They have also named themselves the republic of Korea because they have a close relationship with United States. The reason why South Korea had joined with the U.S was because Japan was trying to take over and take their natural resources and wealth. Location of South Korea is 35.9078° N, 127.7669° E latitude. South Korea 's latitude and longitude denominations provide it with a climate that is predominantly temperate but with heavy rainfall especially in the summer months. They are located on the side of coastal Asia (East Asia). Eastern Asia country and nation on the southern Korean half of the peninsula. The elevation in South Korea is sixty five feet. The population of South Korea is high as of right now. The Estimation of South Koreans living are fifty million people. But every day that number is increasing due to new births. Life expectancy is high, this age is eighty years old. People seem to live longer due to their good diets they have with rice and rye. The unemployment rate is somewhat low it’s at three point six percent. My hypothesis that I made from my research about unemployment is so low would…

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