North Kore Population And Technology Essay

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North Korea: Population and Technology

North Korea is located on the Korean Peninsula in eastern Asia. North Korea is bordered by China, Russia, and South Korea. Not far to the East lies Japan, the former occupier of the entire peninsula (CIA). The location between these countries is one of the most important keys to the formation of North Korea. The exclusive nature, high-urbanization, and governmental policies are leaving the Korean population in a tug-of-war between natural reductions and governing desires to expand.
In the seventeenth, eighteenth, and early nineteenth centuries, most of the East Asia countries had strict limitations on contact with other countries. Korea knew that the possibility of invasion was high and had even stricter regulations on foreign contact. These regulations led the Korean Peninsula to be called “the hermit kingdom” by those of the West (Worden 24-26). Observing the happenings of surrounding countries also caused Korea to be wary of foreign interests. Great Britain and France went to war with China and won, and the concessions were to do trade with China on European terms. Also, while China was fighting Great Britain and France another threat slipped down from the north, Russia, and seized part of China’s North-Eastern land connecting Russia to the Korean Peninsula. In the mid nineteenth century the United States of America forced Japan to start trade with the West (Seth 218-221).
During the nineteenth century Korea had a line of…

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