Essay on North Kore A Capitalist And Democratic Country

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Since the end of the Second World War, Korea has been divided into two parts- North Korea and South Korea. Korea has not been unified since then; and a large number of disagreement and mistrust happened between the two Koreas that have worsened their relationship throughout the years. There are great differences between the two Koreas, which make it especially hard for reunification. The countries and their people have very different lives and environment from each other; they are different politically, economically, socially, and psychologically. South Korea is a capitalist and democratic country; it has a stable and flourishing economy that pays a role in Asia’s four largest economy; education is well and continuously improving, which most student receive at least a tertiary education . However, the situation of North Korea is totally contrasting to that of South Korea. North Korea practices communism; the country is isolated and improvised; and people lack basic living necessities and human rights . Most people in North Korea are also undereducated and they are always brainwashed by the government’s dictatorship . Reunification of the two Koreas has always been challenging; to most Koreans, pursuing reunification with peace is almost impossible. In June 2002, the leaders of South Korea and North Korea, Kim Dae-Jung and Kim Jong Il respectively, finally stressed out their commitments for pursuing a peaceful reunification, which led to an unprecedented development in the…

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