North Country : Controversial Nature And The Ugliness Of The Sexual Harassment

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North Country
The movie, North Country has shown the controversial nature and the ugliness of the sexual harassment issue that is still prevailing in the developed as well as in the developing countries (Collin-Vezina, Dion, and Trocme). The story of the movie is an indication of the fact that the prejudice and bias against the women have never concluded in spite of the persistent claims of the theories regarding the efficiency of the law in promoting the equality between men and women. The movie North Country, has, however, also pointed out towards the fact that how the declared official equality of law has paved the way to humiliation, abuse, degradation, and inequality in the male dominating societies.
a. In the North Country, a true story is represented, a story of the female miner named Josey Aimes, who has to face the economic bias and gender hardship in the workforce. However, it is a fact that every day in most of the parts of world, women have to face the same situations (Nagindrappa, and M.K). This is because of the fact that there are several factors that exert social pressure on working women, the significant factors are social hierarchy, gender empowerment among males, sexual orientation, dominating nature of males, and stereotypes against females. Because of these factors, women have to sexual harassment, inequality, and unfair wages within the labor force. The various incidence of the sexual harassment that women miners have faced include

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