Essay about North And South By Elizabeth Gaskell

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North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell is a novel that takes place in England during the mid-nineteenth century. The story revolves around Margaret Hale, a young adult clergymen’s daughter who, at the beginning of the novel, has been living with her upper class relatives in aristocratic southern England for the past ten years. The novel displays a group of changes, which appear when Margaret moves from the rural, aristocratic south to the industrialized north of England. Many of the changes that occur within Margaret’s life during the course of this play were major changes that occurred over the course of the nineteenth century. All of the differences that Margaret observes between the north and the south are derived from the fact that the north is a place where industrialization is growing rapidly. North and South shows a number of changes that took place during the nineteenth century, such as the movement to cities, social mobility, the emergence of the middle class, class conflict, and unionization, that all derive from the heavy industrialization occurring during this time.
Industrialization in the north created opportunities that lower class citizens did not have in the past. With industrialization creating jobs in the north, people from rural lands all over England began to move into cities. In the novel this occurred when Mr. Hale decided to leave the faith due to certain doubts he had about the church. An out of work Mr. Hale, after he has been given some advice…

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