Virtue Ethics In Pornography

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The study of pornography is as old as time. Pornography comes from the Greek words for sexual slave, prostitute and depiction of. Initially, it had been a means for clarifying situations of personal servitude or the acquiring of intercource from women, both of which incorporated an awkwardness of force, for the most part between individuals. In the prior time, obscenity focused on prerequisites of mishandling and corruption in the place the of the goal of inspiring joy from the viewer. On account of this, there is an early accentuation into the disparity of the genders and the subordination of women portrayed in pornography. Pornography is essentially one of the grosser indications connected with man 's will to control, or so it would appear …show more content…
Virtue ethics is a normative theory that keeps up that the concentration of profound quality is propensities, miens, and character attributes. Although, there is no agreed definition of virtue it is considered that one who is virtuous shows qualities, for example, courage, balance, liberality, pride, cordiality, genuineness, astuteness, fellowship, and unobtrusiveness. "The claim that exposure to pornography is sufficient for the occurrence of rape is as false" (Power, Nicholas et al). Appraising the work of Power 's and his co-authors if exposure to porn does not cause viewers to harm others, then would they not be virtuous? Moreover, if courage is an aspect of virtue then adult entertainers would be considered …show more content…
More so, many adult entertainers once out of the business go to college and earn a degree, many stay home and raise a family, therefore there is no justification in deeming pornography immoral. Evaluating natural law, it is noted that porn is not unethical, as having sex is human nature and nothing more. Porn supports the utilitarian theory and natural law. All humans engage in sexual activity and it makes them happy which is not immoral. Natural law states if there is benefit without harm then it is not immoral which show porn is moral as females are paid more and treated better than

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