Normative Developmental Milestones From Adolescence And Analyze Nicole 's Life

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Nicole is a 17 year old who identifies as female, Caucasian and bisexual. The presenting problem is that the client is seeking treatment to address issues related to anger, fear of abandonment, and impulsive and destructive behaviors (i.e. physical aggression, cutting, purging, sexual reactivity, and suicidal ideation). She has been hospitalized numerous times and currently resides in a treatment center for adolescents. She comes from a family of high socioeconomic status. She has struggled with truancy in school. Nicole experienced verbal and physical abuse, and the Department of Family Services has been involved multiple times. This paper will identify normative developmental milestones from infancy to adolescence and analyze Nicole’s life according to these milestones. Therapeutic interventions will also be discussed, in relation to the milestones that Nicole did not appear to meet. Names of people and places have been changed to be in accordance with HIPAA law.
During normal infancy and toddlerhood, important developmental milestones occur involving changes in “motor or physical behavior, play activities, adaptive behavior that involves taking care of self, social responses, and language development” (Zastrow, Kirst-Ashman, 2016, p. 79). In infancy, a healthy child learns to lift its head, track movement, put things in its mouth, recognize familiar faces, babble, and so much more. In one year, this child can crawl and maybe even walk, albeit,…

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