Essay on Normative Beauty Standards For Women 's Beauty

1363 Words Nov 15th, 2016 6 Pages
In the United States of America, women and men are pressured to conform to normative beauty standards. Women in America spend an immense amount of time and money on their beauty routines. Products for women 's beauty range from waist trainers, or corsets, to beauty multi-vitamins, to under-eye cream. There is a never-ending list of products women are supposed to buy and use to make themselves "more beautiful." According to mainstream society, to be beautiful means to be young, white, thin, to have blemish-free skin, and to have full perky breasts, just to name a few things. For an American woman, "the ideal breasts look like a Barbie 's"(108, Young), and since Barbie is not modeled after a human the standard beasts are completely unattainable. This standard of beauty is internalized in every person in American society and it can take years of breaking down these standards for a person to be truly happy with natural breasts. Instead of taking the time and emotional effort to embrace the natural variance of breasts, some women elect to instead get their breasts augmented or cosmetically altered because they are insecure about their femininity due to internalized beauty standards. There is a short disclaimer to be addressed before the main section of this paper begins. The disclaimer is that, in this paper, I will be talking about cis-women who naturally grow breasts during puberty. I will not be addressing trans* or non-binary people who may or may not have breasts and get…

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