Norman Rockwell ( 1946-1959 ) Essay

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Norman Rockwell (1946-1959) The illustrations of Norman Rockwell tell the story of the average American after World War Two. As a result of the Baby Boom, the families were very large, consisting of three to four children (Slide 2). The bigger families led to more chaos and craziness within the household. The mother could finally catch a break once the school bus came to pick up the children (Slide 18). Rockwell also shows that this era was a time of dating and dreaming about finding the right one (Slides 5 & 6). For the boys and girl, Rockwell depicted their lives as pretty simple. They were responsible for their homework (Slide 11); they got involved in sports like baseball (Slide 11); and they played their instruments (Slide 8). Unlike the children in prior eras who worked in coal mining for their families or those who weren’t able to afford an education, the children of the Post-World War Two Era were very fortunate. Rockwell’s work, it is assumed, was so successful because of its portrayal of real-life scenarios. He illustrates the preparation before the first date, as both boy and girl are getting ready at the mirror (Slide 6). He shows the flirty, nervous, smiley faces of a young couple out on a date (Slide 16). Another important milestone he shows is one of “the coming of age”, in both girls and boys. One of his illustrations has a young girl in a white dress, staring into a mirror, with her doll thrown off to the side (Slide 13). On her lap lies a photo of…

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