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Norman Bethune
Significance should not be determined by what someone has done, but rather the impact that they have made and how they changed the world around them. Norman Bethune largely impacted the way medical care is today, and saved many lives with his compassion towards the wounded and struggling. Norman Bethune was born in Gravenhurst, Ontario on March 3 1890. Growing up in the safety of Canadian borders, Bethune had little exposure to any war going on in the world around him. He grew up attending school and after high school, he enrolled in the University of Toronto to study medicine. (1) His studies were interrupted twice during his time at the University, once to volunteer as an English teacher to teach immigrant miners how to read
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(8) Norman Bethune is best known for his service on the battlefield, and saving many lives with his idea to bring medical care as close to the battlefield as possible. This is not all that he accomplished in his lifetime. Bethune was an important part of Canadian history because of his inventive idea to bring blood transfusion to the battlefield, assistance in advancing medical care, and selflessness to improve the overall conditions of people who lived in struggling areas.
Norman Bethune experienced the bloodshed, heartbreak and devastation of war first hand. Seeing this gave him a drive to come up with a way to bring blood transfusion to the battlefield. While serving as a stretcher bearer in World War One, he was injured by shrapnel and spent months recovering. In a journal that Bethune wrote during the war, he said, "The slaughter has begun to appall me, I see little of war's glory." (2) Norman Bethune did not see any good side to war and wanted to try and save as many people as he could. This first real experience that Bethune had with the war created his drive to create the blood transfusion cart. Bethune was unable to return to the
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