Normality Of Society: The Power Of Greed In Society

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Individual efforts translate into the collective power of the People

Observing our behaviour as a society it is easy to suggest that the majority rather than the minority is most guilty of practicing greed.

We must not be greedy in our interactions with others just because it may be the practice of the majority.
Being greedy may eventually be counter productive to improving quality of life at least for society as a whole. That is why the Poor out numbers the Rich.

Given that we as a society take too many things for granted, it may be easy for an individual to follow the norms of society without necessarily weighing the rewards and the consequences.
So, the question is, is it right for an individual
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Thinking twice before following the norms of society and giving ourselves the opportunity to go outside the box for the right choices to make not only sustain quality of life but also build a defensive mechanism to fend away negative thoughts that may eventually lead to depression and self destruction.

It is not normal to be normal if we cannot define what constitutes normality and justify the definition by common sense standards, although common sense is not common.
Normality must have a universal definition completely independent of human practices driven by greed.
Normality must be essentially driven by the things that we think, say and do to others that we would like to be thought, said and done to us by others.
Following the crowd or the norms of society blindly can be bad for us and may lead to the destruction of our quality of life.

Therefore the fact that the majority may be practicing greedy acts to improve quality of life cannot be the choice we should make in the efforts to improve our quality of life.
Our individual efforts must be the dominant factor of the variables in the equation to improve quality of

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