Norfolk And The Epidemic Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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Norfolk Virginia children are not immune to the epidemic of childhood obesity. As with other cities in our country, Norfolk is attempting to combat the issue by incorporating programs to address the obesity epidemic. Community service organizations exist to serve individuals in the community and specialized agencies work primarily with specific disability groups or populations to address related concerns (Crimando & Riggar, 2005, p. 344). Many of these programs have been longstanding while others are in the initiation phase. The overall goal is to decrease the rates of childhood obesity while incorporating increased physical activity, healthier eating habits, and education. Norfolk has been successful in the implementation of many programs and recognized nationally for its efforts. US Fed News (2012) reports, City of Norfolk receives national recognition for addressing childhood obesity by The National League of Cities (NLC) for completing key health and wellness goals for Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and Counties (LNCTC). Norfolk received 13 medals in five categories including Start Early, Start Smart which promotes nutrition, My Plate Your Places, Smart Servings for Students a school breakfast and lunch program, Model Food Service and Active Kids at Play that encourages increases in physical activity (US Fed News, 2012). These programs are successful and received national attention, although these initiatives are not the only successful program in Norfolk as many other…

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