Nordstrom 's Exceptional Customer Service Essay example

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Nordstrom is a well-known department store in the United States founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin in 1901 (“Nordstrom”, 2016; Perepu, 2013). The target market of Nordstrom is middle to upper class male and female with sensitive sense of current trends. The Nordstrom Rack targets middle class customers.
Nordstrom’s exceptional customer service is one of the most important aspects to help the company to be successful in the marketplace. Along with the excellent customer service, the attractive store display and comfortable store environment help the company build its competitive advantages. Many small department stores are following the similar layout and display. In order to meet customers’ needs and wants, Nordstrom provides wide variety and deep assortment products that allows customers to find what they want in the store.
Nordstrom committed to reduce 15% more energy use by 2020 (“Nordstrom Annual Report”, 2015). The company will also continue its effort on recycling and reusing resources. Nordstrom will save approximately 2 million pounds of paper in 2016 (“Nordstrom Annual Report”, 2015).
Opportunity Global markets provide Nordstrom some new opportunities to increase sales and expend the customer base, as well as expending the business. provide customers various choice of country and currency, however, when customers want to checkout by using address outside from United States, the website sometimes will reject the address and…

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