Nordstrom Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Policies such as the process of returning merchandise is one all shoppers know too well, and continues to be a major reason why Nordstrom customers keep their business within the company. Yolanda states that by giving the customer the relief of knowing they can always come back and return merchandise, causes them to want to shop at Nordstrom as opposed to Macy’s or Bloomindales. “We’re in a constant battle for peoples business everyday in this industry. Therefore we have to set ourselves apart from the others in a way that customers can appreciate!” Another interesting process the company implemented were, the tools and information systems they use to keep their customers coming back for more. Nordstrom employees are trained on a system called Personal Book. This system is created to store information under each employee’s number of what customers bought from then and when. This information then gets generated into lists to create your best customers. Employees reach out constantly to their customers through these lists to let them know when new merchandise arrives, a brand they like has a new collection, or simply just to follow up and see how they are enjoying their purchase and shopping experience. “Our Customers really appreciate the lengths we go to make sure they are satisfied, and this appreciation shows in our increases.” The increase numbers for many Nordstrom locations across the country have been dominating the market in comparison to their competition. These increases have also increased the values of shares held in the market as well as the price of the shares to buy in. So holding stock in this company at this time can become increasingly more valuable as the economy continues to stabilize. Yolanda shared what departments have had increases for the year and which departments are driving their business in the …show more content…
These discount stores have been popping up more frequently since the economy took a turn for the worst, and have managed to do quite well. When receiving valuable insight from the department manager for women’s shoes, Christopher Campbell, he was able to give a brief summary on the recent success of the rack stores. “Coming from managing full-line stores to discount stores, I thought that things would be a bit more relaxed. Boy was I wrong; these stores seem to be busier than the full-line locations.” While walking through The Rack it was packed with customers from front to back in all sections. Now that the economy has turned around, people are spending more but still continue to search for deals. “Until the economy is back to where it was I don’t see full-line returning to what they were. But I do see a future in the Rack and think that it was great way to be more competitive and drive business for current situations into the future.” Creating a rack store in Manhattan has increased sales, which has also increased the company’s revenues. The big city that never had the luxury of having one of the top apparel retailers now does and is taking full advantage of it. Walking through the stores in three various locations only cemented the thought that Nordstrom is a great success in the apparel retail industry. The half yearly sale is a great way for Nordstrom to bring customers in to not only see sale merchandise, but to view new regularly priced merchandise. It appeared that customers began to start their holiday shopping which was apparent due to the high ratio of customers leaving with purchases, as opposed to leaving empty handed. The attitude and overall atmosphere was pleasant. Customers were greeted many times by the courteous employees, which gave them the shopping experience Yolanda was talking about, the kind that turns

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