Nordstrom Case Study

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Case Facts:
(Annual Reports,”; “Company History,”; Chantal Todé, “Nordstrom Loyalty Program Experience,” DMNews, May 4, 2007; Melissa Allison and Amy Martinez, “Nordstrom’s Solid December Showing Suggests Some Shoppers Eager to Spend.” Seattle Times, January 7, 2010.)
Nordstrom is an upscale U.S. department store chain with sales that topped $8 billion in 2009. John W. Nordstrom originally started the company as a shoe store but grew it over the years into a fashion specialty chain store selling top-quality, brand-name clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, and fragrances.
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As a shoe retailer, the company offered a wide range of products to fit most everyone’s needs and price point. As it expanded into fashion and apparel, it maintained these goals.
Today, Nordstrom sets the standard in customer service and loyalty. In fact, the company is so well-known for this trait that urban legends of unusual acts of customer service still circulate today. One of the best-known tells how in 1975 a customer came into a Nordstrom store after Nordstrom had purchased a company called Northern Commercial Company. The customer wanted to return a set of tires originally bought at Northern Commercial. Although Nordstrom has never carried or sold tires, it happily accepted the return and instantly provided the customer cash for his

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