Essay on Nora 's Nature Of Inherited Disease

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It is later in the same day, Nora had been avoiding her children. She then has a

conversation a with her old nurse, and tells the servant that the children will not see their

mother so often. Nora does this in efforts to throwing away the life she has been living up

until this point. When Nora unpacks her Italian fisher girl costume from the box,

Christine then comes and works herself into sewing a tear in the garment. They both talk

about Dr. Rank. Christine is shocked by Nora 's knowledge of inherited disease,

something that Nora shouldn’t even know about. When Torvald comes in, he interrupts

the conversation. Nora goes to greet him and then begs her husband to not fire Krogstad.

Nora also says that if he is fired, then Krogstad might write bad things in the newspaper

about Torvald if he does end up being fired, and will threaten his new position just like

her father had once been threatened before. Torvald knows that Krogstad 's moral failings

can be overlooked, but he is annoyed at Krogstad 's embarrassingly familiar manner

toward him when there are other people around, for instance, calling Torvald by his first

name. Due to the fact that they were close friends, Krogstad presumes familiarity, and by

this attitude, Torvald feels embarrassed by the way he is approached and is afraid to not

be viewed as powerful, thus not living up to his position. Nora then insults Torvald by

telling him that he has a "a narrow-minded way of looking at…

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