Inequalities In A Doll's House

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Society has an effect on women’s roles and how they should act. In A Doll’s House, Nora is a perfect and model mother to her kids and ideal wife to her working husband but all of this just isn’t enough for her. She is tired of the rules end expectations that society has set upon her and she will not take it anymore. This excitement and danger that she desires continuously eats away at her until finally, Nora breaks away from society and does not care about the consequences. In contrast, in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Ophelia is a model daughter and female throughout the play even when that means having to give up her one true love due to how her father feels. She just takes the injustice that is brought upon her and this then leads to her mental …show more content…
Even now in modern days, men and women have different roles in society that aren’t always equal. For example, in the semi-recent movie American Hustle there were hacked Sony Pictures emails that showed that Jennifer Lawrence, who had one of the leading roles in the movie, made significantly less than her equal male costar. Because of this, there is a shortage in women in front of and behind the camera and that is due to prejudice ideas of females have equal jobs as men. Slowly but surely people are becoming more and more aware of what is happening between men and women. As a result of this, there was recently a meeting that consisted every single major movie production studio met to discuss what they could do and how they could help bring women more into the movie business. There are groups and organizations that are now emerging to help females against society. Women in Film are a nonprofit advocacy group and they say that “This is not a shaming process. We’re not saying, ‘You’re the bad guys’. We’re saying, ‘This is your situation. We’ve been doing it the same way for so long. We need to retrain our brains,”’. Women organizations have come about to help supports females who have the goals to succeed in life and not be what society expects them to

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