Nonverbal Verbal And Nonverbal Communication Essay

1299 Words Nov 4th, 2014 null Page
Before a movie plays on a movie theater screen there is a message about turning off your cell phones before the movie to be courteous to everyone. This is proof of how there are many rules that are in communication, such as not being on your cell phone during a movie. Communication has rules that govern our everyday lives more than others believe and breaking them will inevitably create reactions regardless of the rules broken. For this communication exercise I chose three nonverbal and three verbal rules to break, some implicit and some explicit. Through this paper I will be discussing what nonverbal rules I broke, what verbal rules I broke, the difference between verbal and nonverbal communication, whether context impacts the meaning of the message, how perception checking questions help, and what I learned through this experiment.
The rules of language are organized into two general categories, verbal and nonverbal communication. The nonverbal rules that I broke are from nonverbal channels that include space rules, facial displays, and vocal. At the grocery store with my household I broke a distance rule by standing at an intimate distance with another customer ahead of me instead of keeping a social distance. I stood less than a foot away from them when I should have stayed. During the same grocery store trip I also broke the rule of facial displays by compromising my identity with red lipstick being on my teeth. The last nonverbal rule I broke was vocal by eating loud…

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