Nonverbal Verbal And Nonverbal Communication Essay

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1. The term nonverbal communication refers to communication without the use of sounds or vocalization. Heider (2007) says these include gestures, expressions, and space. Nonverbal communication is often just as powerful as vocal communication as they often express subconscious feelings or thoughts. A holistic view of a cultures language can only be achieved after examining both the verbal and nonverbal communication.
Nonverbal communication is important to anthropological research because they are either culturally or globally shared. Learning more about how members of a society communicate may reveal more about their culture or explain actions that couldn 't otherwise be explained.
An example of nonverbal communication in my life is how close I stand to someone. The further I stand while holding a conversation, generally reflects how comfortable I am around said person.

2. The term art refers to the expression of emotion, values, and ideas through colors or symbols (Heider, 2007). While art does represent an individual, it also commonly represents a culture as a whole. Symbols dear or even sacred to a community may reveal themselves throughout many different pieces of art.
This concept is important in anthropological research as researchers can connect different cultures through their art. Common symbols found throughout Europe may represent a traveling colony or missionaries. The art of a culture may reveal facts about daily life and religion that couldn 't otherwise…

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